This school project came with the task of designing the interface of a kiosk for any type of event. I chose to design the interface for a kiosk that would be located at the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. The process included figuring out user flows for the kiosk and researching what types of people would be using the kiosk. The challenge was figuring out what each person would want to see when they interact with a kiosk. 
Developing a user flow was an important part of the design process. Studying each user and how they would interact with the kiosk was the key to knowing what pages would need to be included. I narrowed the users down to 3 different types in order to better focus the design needs. 
Designing a map that was simple enough to understand was a part of the kiosk that I believed would help users find things easier. Having buttons that could toggle which locations were being displayed would help users find things with simplicity and ease. 
Another piece of the design process was developing user personas for the event. I decided to take a satirical approach to the profiles and describe the three core people who attend the Phoenix open.

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