As a contract UX designer I have had the opportunity to improve user functionality of both web applications and web extensions. Taking existing design elements and simplifying user flows has helped to improve overall user experience and increase user sign-up. 
Simplifying pop-ups
For this redesign I wanted to apply some standard UX design principles including Fitts's Law:
"The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target".
With this in mind I increased the size of the button text and simplified the information that was on screen. The other law I took into consideration was Jakob's Law, giving users a similar experience to what they are used to seeing elsewhere. With Jakob's law in mind I moved the "Update Login" button to the right side since users are used to advancing with buttons on the right side of the screen. 
Cleaning up clickable items
When it comes to long lists of clickable items, the user needs clear feedback for what they are interacting with on screen. The solution for this was to highlight the current login being selected. This simple highlight matches what the user will see in long lists and short selections, keeping the design cohesive across the platforms.
Organizing signup processes 
Creating a scaleable login process was important for this brand, since users will be logging in and signing up through mobile, extension, web app, and more. 
Developing Checkout Flows
Creating simple walkthroughs
Utilizing user flows to simplify the development process
Using basic wireframes to develop complex layouts

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