The goal for this project was to design any type of kids application that would be educational. In a digital world children are in danger of losing basic skills such as writing letters. This app would guide kids through writing letters and eventually teach them how to spell and write words as well. 
Creating a character for the application was important so that kids would stay engaged and be excited to learn.
Developing a simple interface was a challenge that was overcome with research and ideation. Talking to several teachers helped to get an idea of what kids are used to seeing. Dashed lines and starting points on letters are a common place in the classroom when kids are learning how to write letters. This was important to include in the application so that it had a sense of familiarity with what kids are used to interacting with. 
Including achievements and different levels also helps to give kids a sense of achievement and keep them interested in the game. Kids can unlock different icons with the possibility of adding mini games later on. 

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