I had the opportunity to assist in the development of a training course for google. I led the creative team in developing a look and feel for the course. The problem we were trying to solve was to create an inviting and informative course, while sticking to brand guidelines and working within the constraints of the eLearning software. 
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Utilizing existing style
Google has a standard of characters that needs to stay consistent across brands. We used these characters as inspiration for overall design and other assets. Crafting a welcoming user experience was important to show the client during the initial look and feel. 
Thinking through slide items
I wanted to show an example to the client of what click through items could look like for the user. These types of components would be used throughout the course so it was important to have a workable solution for the different types of content. 
Breaking up content for the user
Full width breaks in the content help the user understand when the next task is at hand. Since this course is web based, it was important to give the user feedback as to where they were in the course. 
Crafting inviting quiz components
Quiz components typically have a negative emotion connected to them. With this in mind I wanted to craft a simplistic and minimal component to use throughout the course that users would not dread when they got to that necessary point.
Solving complex clickable items
Crafting an interaction where the user can learn more about specific interactions was important to keep the user engaged. Forcing the user to interact with the course retains the focus of the user.
Keeping the user engaged and involved was an important goal of this course. I wanted to craft an experience that the user would enjoy and leave them feeling rewarded for the work they put into learning new content.

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